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Brokers play an essential part when it comes to Real Estate services. When selling or buying a property the process can be overwhelming and complicated. Getting hard money loans, private financing, or a private mortgage pool by yourself is considerable work. 1st Point Lending, Inc. broker professionals know how to make this process easier and faster.

In order for a private mortgage fund work, there are times when we'll have to deal with the outside professionals, such as mortgage brokers (who handle all mortgage loans), investment brokers (who handle the best interest of the investors who fund the loans that 1st Point Lending Inc. offers), and real estate brokers (who handle the buying and selling of a piece of real estate on behalf of a buyer or seller).

Outside of handling private mortgage funds, hard money loans or private money loans, private financing, private mortgage pool, and safe investment secured by Real Estate, we here at 1st Point Lending, Inc. are also dedicated to serve the best interest of borrowers and investors, as well as their designated outside brokers.

For years our company has been highly respected in the California area by offering professional service to all of its customers. Our dedicated Real Estate  team makes a powerful sales force that has the highest production per agent than any other office in the area. Contact our Real Estate specialists now:
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you're a broker who brings a borrower to 1st Point Lending Inc., how do you get paid?

    In order to get paid by referring a borrower, you need to first be licensed as a California Real Estate Broker. Furthermore, we will pay you as a referring broker, depending on the policies stated in our Broker Agreement.

  • Why should you work with 1st Point Lending Inc.?

    We aren't like institutional lenders. An ever-growing list of borrowers, investors, realtors, and brokers has discovered how easy it is to do business with a seasoned veteran like 1st Point Lending Inc. We can fund your loan and get you paid within ten business days. We use our money and utilize simplified lending criteria, so our clients will never feel like they're getting scrutinized.

  • Do we cooperate with brokers? 

    Even if multiple brokers are involved in a given investment or loan, neither borrowers nor investors need to worry. Multiple loans have been brought in here by outside brokers, and we have handled such transactions properly

  • Why shouldn't the borrower work directly with the investor?

    Sometimes, brokers can make working with investors directly quite difficult and costly (because you'll probably need to have a broker yourself to look out for your interests). With 1st Point Lending Inc., transactions are made much easier even with the involvement of multiple brokers.

    Avoiding a broker (or brokers) doesn't necessarily save you money because of how complicated lending money can be. Before investing or borrowing by yourself, you need to understand all necessary policies and regulations. It is best to go about taking loans or investing money if either you're a broker yourself or you're well-versed in regards to such matters.

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