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1st Point Lending, Inc. offers a safe investment secured by Real Estate collateral – low LTV (loan-to-value) mortgage loans – a prudent balance of risk and reward. Investing in our fund is a smart choice that can generate significant returns for your portfolio, as we offer a steady preferred return and the possibility of additional dividends for a total return of over 10%.

Your investment is always secured by an attractively financed property and a professionally qualified and vetted borrower.

Our Main Distinctions From Other Funds

  • Transparency: Yes, we are confident of the effectiveness of our trust deed investments. We publish the actual investor's portfolio to illustrate that we want our investors to be fully comfortable in their relationship with us. In future we will continue to publish every single lending opportunity that 1st Point Lending, Inc. will invest in and the fund will continue being audited by an independent CPA firm.

  • Accessibility: You can contact us to request a copy of the investor's portfolio in order to learn how you can achieve strong profits while still enjoying a low-risk investment profile. Our email is info@firstpointlending.net

  • Dependability: You don't need to take unnecessary risk in order to earn attractive returns. You can find a low-risk investment opportunity that offers a high return through the 1st Point Lending, Inc. Call our experts today +1 818-432-3580

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is it to invest with you?

    It's important to take note that all investments are inherently risky. Nevertheless, unlike other investment options, trust deed investing is a unique program that allows the private lender to own a real estate via a first trust deed, which in turn ensures safe investment secured by real estate. As an investor in the fund, you will personally own a fraction of every deal the fund invests in. All the deals will be secured by at least 40% equity stake in a particular property.

  • Are all investors' money pooled together?

    Yes. This is done for diversification purposes. It is much more prudent to pool the money together from different investors and to invest in a variety of projects, rather than one investor to invest in one project. We don't pool private money to fund any fractionalized loans or residential properties without the investor's consent. We offer more control and security for the average trust deed investor.

  • Who are trust deed investors?

    Any investor who seeks competitive rates of return from their investment is considered a trust deed investor. Simply put, the act of trust deed investing is whenever a person lends money to borrowers via the assistance of a broker. The money source can come from retirement accounts, savings, or credit lines.

  • Are there any 2nd trust deeds offered by 1st Point Lending Inc.?

    It is possible, but the great majority of the loans will be 1st trust deeds. However, there might be loan requests that are in the second position that we simply can’t pass on. We will take advantage of those opportunities.

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