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Our fund originates, underwrites and funds high-yielding, low LTV (loan-to-value) mortgage loans that offer a prudent balance of risk and reward. Our team of competent professionals has extensive experience in analyzing and conducting due to diligence on real estate projects.

We offer a safe investment secured by real estate collateral. Investing in our fund is a smart choice that can generate significant returns for your portfolio. We offer a steady preferred return of 8% per year and the possibility of 2-4% additional dividends per year for a total return of over 10%. 

Your investment is always secured by an attractively financed property and a professionally qualified and vetted borrower.

How are we different from other funds?

We have strong demand from borrowers who are trapped in a difficult lending market. Our borrowers come from real estate brokers or originated internally by our in-house loan originators.

The relationships our team of executives developed during their careers have helped us become successful in array of business ventures, including this fund. We get to select investments from a large pool of opportunities.

We strive to offer exceptional customer service to our investors, as well as our borrowers.

Keys to our business include:

  • Transparency: Because 1st Point Lending Inc. is confident of the effectiveness of its trust deed investments, we publish the actual investor's portfolio to illustrate that we want our investors to be fully comfortable in their relationship with us.

    This transparency is something that most hard money lending funds do not offer. We will publish every single lending opportunity that the fund will invest in and the fund will continue being audited by an independent CPA firm.

  • Accessibility: You can contact us through the email and numbers found on our contact page and request a copy of the investor's portfolio in order to learn how you can achieve strong profits while still enjoying a low-risk investment profile.

  • Dependability: You don't need to take unnecessary risk in order to earn attractive returns; you can find a low-risk investment opportunity that offers a high return through the 1st Point Lending Inc.

    You'll be hard-pressed to find a more dependable company when it comes to investments. We assure you of a ROI of 8% and we do not earn income until you earn your investment return. After we earn a small management fee, we will split all the profits with you in addition to the 8% return!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you're a broker who brings a borrower to 1st Point Lending Inc., how do you get paid? 

    In order to get paid by referring a borrower, you need to first be licensed as a California Real Estate Broker. Furthermore, we will pay you as a referring broker, depending on the policies stated in our Broker Agreement.

  • How often do you make distributions?

    Dividends are distributed monthly.

  • Do you offer distribution reinvestment?


  • Are IRA funds allowed?

    Yes, IRA funds are allowed. 1st Point Lending Inc. actively places funds from Self-Directed IRA accounts and funds of other private retirement funds. Nevertheless, you should contact your plan representative, because many IRAs use different rules and policies.

  • What is the annual yield for investments?

    Our fund offers a preferred Rate of Return of 8% per year. It is not uncommon for the actual return to be higher.

  • How safe is it to invest with you?

    It's important to take note that all investments are inherently risky. Nevertheless, unlike other investment options, trust deed investing is a unique program that allows the private lender to own a real estate via a first trust deed, which in turn ensures safe investment secured by real estate. As an investor in the fund, you will personally own a fraction of every deal the fund invests in. All the deals will be secured by at least 40% equity stake in a particular property.

  • Are all investors' money pooled together?

    Yes. This is done for diversification purposes. It is much more prudent to pool the money together from different investors and to invest in variety of projects, rather than one investor to invest in one project. We don't pool private money to fund any fractionalized loans or residential properties without the investor's consent. We offer more control and security for the average trust deed investor.

  • Who are trust deed investors?

    Any investor who seeks competitive rates of return from their investment is considered a trust deed investor. Simply put, the act of trust deed investing is whenever a person lends money to borrowers via the assistance of a broker. The money source can come from retirement accounts, savings, or credit lines. 

    It's the broker who searches for potential borrowers, while the funding is provided by the private party with the money. It's also the broker who's responsible for getting the borrower to sign paperwork that serves as proof that he or she agrees to borrow money according to the terms specified in the contract.

  • Are there any 2nd trust deeds offered by 1st Point Lending Inc.?

    It is possible, but the great majority of the loans will be 1st trust deeds. However, there might be loan requests that are in the second position that we simply can’t pass on. We currently funded a $150,000 second TD behind a $240,000 1st on a property that is worth $1.4 million. We will take advantage of those opportunities.

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